Cryptocurrency: The Answer to Freedom of Speech in 2021

Bullet Point Summary:
1. The Canadian Trucker Protest of 2022 demonstrated the need for freedom of speech in modern Western Democracies.
2. Organizations like GoFundMe attempted to block protestors from receiving money raised for them, but Bitcoin allowed truckers to skirt these restrictions.
3. Recently, the Iranian government announced that it would be freezing the bank accounts of women who refuse to wear hijabs in public, with one protester already executed by hanging by the Iranian government.

Long and Detailed Article:
The beginning of 2022 was met with a powerful demonstration in Canada, as truckers took to the streets to protest the government’s inaction on issues related to transportation regulations. While the opinions on the protest itself may be varied, most can agree that the right to free speech is a cornerstone of modern Western democracies. However, when the Canadian government began to crack down on protestors by freezing their bank accounts, people began to look for alternatives.

Online fundraising platforms like GoFundMe initially blocked protestors from receiving the money that had been raised for them, and even attempted to redirect the money to causes that they supported. After some public outcry, GoFundMe eventually refunded the money, but the message was made clear: comply with the government’s regulations or face consequences.

Fortunately, the protestors had another tool at their disposal: Bitcoin. By using Bitcoin, truckers were able to skirt the restrictions that other fundraising platforms were placing on them, and were able to receive the money that had been raised for their cause. This success sent a strong signal, that some people were beginning to catch on to the potential of cryptocurrencies.

More recently, the Iranian government has taken a hard stance on women’s rights, announcing that it would be freezing the bank accounts of women who refuse to wear hijabs, a traditional Muslim head covering, in public. These threats of imprisonments and executions have done little to quell the ongoing protests for freedom of expression, with one protester already having been executed by hanging by the Iranian government on December 8, 2022.

These events demonstrate that the need for freedom of speech and the ability to move money without restriction are more pressing than ever. As governments continue to place restrictions on traditional institutions, it is becoming increasingly clear that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may be the only way for people to avoid these restrictions and fight for their rights.